What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

It’s a great question! My newborn sessions are focused on moments between your family and your new baby, rather than posed photos where everyone is focused on me and the camera. I do very little posing, and prompt or direct family members only when needed. I don’t use props for newborns (buckets, bowls, stuffed animals, etc.). We don’t swaddle tightly or in fancy poses. Posed newborn photography is beautiful and the photographers who do them are crazy talented - if that’s what you’re after I’m always happy to refer you to some of my peers here in Rochester. I like to keep everything loose and natural, focusing on capturing the realness of this part of your life. I do this because nothing makes my heart sing like the natural connection between families. When you walk past one of my images on your wall, I want you to FEEL that moment rather than see a technical and posed photograph.

We’re awkward. We don’t photograph well. We don’t know how to pose.

No problem! I hear this allllllll the time. If a client requests more direction for their session, I’m happy to provide it. Often I will arrange you in a location (couch, bed, floor, etc.), and then prompt you to look at the baby, play with the baby, look at each other, etc. People are often surprised that by the end of the session I’ve stopped prompting at all - you find the flow!

Will we get any of us looking at the camera?

Yes! I always aim to get that “Christmas card photo”. We will do a few of everyone looking together.

Will we get any images of baby alone?

Absolutely! I typically split the session between family images and solo shots of baby. We’re aiming for photos of baby alone plus all the details - hair, lips, fingers, toes.

What is better, studio or in home?

It’s up to you! My favorite thing is in home sessions, but I tell people to choose whatever will stress you out the least. Here’s the main differences:

Located in Bushnell’s Basin
Neutral sets with pops of green
Access to client closet for Mom and kids, and/or style consult with me
Small wicker bassinet

Focus on nursery and small details of your home
Colors will reflect your own favorite color schemes
Aside from the nursery, a small corner of uncluttered space with natural light is all we need
Acesss to client closet for Mom and kids, and/or style consult with me
Usually more comfortable for toddler siblings
YOUR space, your memories. Trust me, I’ll make your home look good!

Feel free to reach out if you need more help deciding what is best for you.

Why would we need styling if we’re capturing our family as we are?

Weeeellllll…we’re after connection. Certain colors and patterns are distracting and can cause the eye to wander from what we really want to focus on. If you plan to display your images in your home, we often work to create a wardrobe plan that will look good with your decor. I have lots of options that are available to clients free of charge in my closet, and I often will send clients direct links to purchase whatever else their family will need. I love Amazon, Old Navy, Target…it doesn’t need to be pricey to look good! We go after cohesiveness vs. matchiness. We’re looking for movement, texture, everything to emphasize the love we’ll be showcasing in your images. I provide my phone number for texting photos of outfits laid out and you’re welcome to stop into my studio by appointment to try on my client closet options.

What is the best time to do this session?

If you are really wanting a sleepy baby in these photos, I recommend doing them within the first 10 days of baby’s life. If a sleepy baby isn’t important to you, I would say anywhere from birth to one month old.

How do I book?

Sessions are booked based on due date. This reserves time in my editing schedule during the month your baby is expected to be born. As a doula and a mom, I know that due dates are often off by days or weeks, don’t worry! No matter when your baby comes, if we’ve got a session booked I will make it happen. Once your baby is born, I rely on you to reach out to me to schedule the exact date for your session.