With their third baby coming and AJ going through chemo treatments, Lynne & AJ were looking for additional support. Lynne knew she birthed quickly based on her previous two experiences. Her wonderful friends reached out to Morgan Moy and myself to arrange for her to have everything she needed. With AJ’s treatment schedule and birth being the unpredictable beast that it is, we were more than happy to help! Plus, we got to work together which was awesome.

The plan was to meet at their house as soon as she felt a twinge of any kind and hang out until things picked up.

We got the call at 5:45am that she had just had 2 contractions 12 minutes apart, and by the time I arrived at 6:30 she was ready to go!

Her mom wasn’t there yet to watch the big kids so Morgan stayed with them while I followed Lynne & AJ to the hospital.

We drove to the hospital in a whirlwind. I was behind them and I could see her leaning backwards against the passengers side door, hand on the seat. She told me later she was using the door handle for counter pressure. Intuitive birth is amazing.

We arrived at Strong and left our cars in the loop, AJ grabbed a wheelchair and away we went. The elevator bay was full but people quickly moved aside and allowed us into the first one. Up we went and after a quick chat at the desk, we were given a room in triage.

Through it all, she was focused on her breath, her baby, getting to a room. He was a steady presence, advocating when needed and providing hands on support constantly.

There’s a perception sometimes that a short labor is an easy labor. While it’s true that the intensity doesn’t last as long, it’s also true that ALL those feelings, physical and emotional, come at you in rapid succession and often continue immediately postpartum. Precipitous births are intense, and can be overwhelming. In her third experience, she truly let go and allowed her body to take over. There were brief moments of “why am I shaking already?” Or “I’m not strong enough”. All normal feelings in any labor and even more intense when it feels like it’s all coming at you at once. She leaned back, trusting her team, her body, and her baby.

A photography note: triage rooms are TINY and so so bright. I think I was actually sitting on a counter for these

With the help of her midwife, Megan, Lynne hinged her hips back just enough to allow the bottom of her pelvis to open, and baby to descend the rest of the way. With a few very intense pushes, Lynne labored down.

Then she was here! Into her mother’s arms, with her father standing strong, in a tiny triage room. The nurse and midwife were such a calm and reassuring presence in the room, and despite being such a whirlwind labor these moments right after were beautiful and calm.

Morgan arrived right as we got to a room and it was ALL smiles. The doula/client relationship is so unique and special. All their prior experience together, prenatal planning, the brief time they spent together that morning - you can see that connection so strongly. 

Lynne, Juliana and AJ settled right in and FaceTimed the boys to meet their sister. Hard to believe it was just a quick hour earlier we left their house! This was such a joyous day, and I'm so happy to have had the honor of commemorating it for their family.